Maximize Claim

Claims Process

How We Maximize Your Claim

  • When someone reports a claim to Maximize Claims, a licensed public insurance adjuster will be assigned to thoroughly investigate your insurance policy, damage, and all other aspects of your claim to ensure that our services are needed, and that your claim settlement is handled properly.  This will all be evaluated in your initial free consultation.
  • The public insurance adjuster will then meet with you to discuss your loss, review your insurance policy with you, and analyze the coverage you have in effect for the loss to determine what damage is covered.
  • The public insurance adjuster will then assess the damages you have suffered.  They will take many pictures of the damaged property for documentation, and precisely inspect to compute the current replacement costs using their professional insurance estimating computer software.
  • Next the public adjuster and the team of experts at Maximize Claims will build your case. We will advocate your contractual rights, and use our documents, facts, figures, and experience, to negotiate directly with your insurance company to Maximize your Claim.
  • Depending upon the size of your claim, the time frame in which you have reported your loss to us, the extent of our supporting documentation, and whether or not this is a new claim or if we’re re-opening an old claim, the time required to reach settlement may vary from a few days to a few months.  We will be working hard and diligently throughout the whole process to speed up the settlement, and get you the greatest amount of money for your loss.  During this process you will also have 24/7 access to your own case profile in order to ‘track your claim’. This will also give you the ability to be involved every step of the way!  If you’re already working with us to increase your settlement, and dont have your username and password to view your profile, please call 888-999-9068, or email so we can help you review our progress.  To report a new claim, please click the link below.

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