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Hurricane Irma

September 20, 2017 by  
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Maximize Claims wishes everyone affected by this powerful storm the very best of luck in repairing their damaged properties. It seems as though some parts of South Florida on the East coast experienced some flooding, and lots of blown over trees. On the West Coast near Naples, and Marco Island especially we have found a lot more property damage. Many damaged roofs, pool screen enclosures, siding, fences, cars, boats, and more. Due to the large number of properties that received damage from this storm, it seems as though many policy holders are experiencing delays in getting their insurance companies out to their properties to write up an estimate for their claim. Please make sure you document your damage to the best of your ability. With the large number of claims, a lot of damage has seemed to be getting overlooked by the insurance companies adjusters. In many cases when a policy holder hires a public insurance adjuster, this adjuster who represents the policy holder exclusively, not the insurance company, can re-assess your damage, and its not uncommon for a public adjuster to increase your claim settlement by 700% or more in many cases.

If you’re a policy holder who has received property damage in South Florida, Naples, Marco Island, Fort Myers, or anywhere in the Florida Keys, contact us today (888)999-9068 so we can help assess your situation. If you contact us at the beginning of your claims process, we can create our estimate first, begin negotiations with your insurance company on your behalf, work to get you the highest possible recovery based upon your specific policy, and this will result in your insurance company fighting an uphill battle rather then us trying to make up ground once they have already completed their estimate.

Maximize Claims credits our success in negotiating claims to our amazing team of experienced professionals. We will never give up, always work our hardest, pay very close attention to your policy, small details, and persistence until we get the results our clients are happy with.


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