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Tornado Insurance Claims

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It’s a very scary thought when a tornado over a mile long can come and go within an hour, and create over $250 million in damages, while taking many lives as well. Settling claims caused by a tornado can be a tough and lengthy process for the policy holders when dealing with their insurance company. Many times your home or insured property is completely demolished or blown away, and the insurance company has so many claims they’re responsible for and arent always prepared for the catastrophic event that took place.
During this time of loss it’s very important to take as many pictures as possible to show evidence of your damaged property. It’s also good to dig up some old pictures if you have any to show what the covered property looked like before it was destroyed or damaged. Many policy holders are experiencing disputed, denied, or delayed responses from their insurance companies, and this is because they have so many different claims to handle, and also have so much money in losses they’re responsible for paying out to cover the damages. Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak said Tuesday that there have been more then 32,400 insurance claims filed since May 19.
If your property was damaged it may be in your best interest to contact a public insurance adjuster to help maximize your claim, and get you the money you deserve. Because winds are so strong in tornados, many times they can rip off roofs, flip cars, knock down trees causing property damage, break windows, even blow away your whole home just leaving a pile of memories. Between the wind, huge hail, and water, tornados can be a very deadly and destructive event.
Please also realize that if your home is damaged, it may not be safe for you to live in right now, and you may also need some immediate repair, or perhaps some tarp to help cover openings in your roof or siding. Depending upon your damage, it may even be best for us to try and get you some temporary housing in a near by hotel until your home is in a safer and more stable condition. At we’re happy to hear about your situation, and see if there’s anything we can do to help maximize your claim. Perhaps we can make settling your claim easier for you, and give you some more free time to take care of some other problems that have arose from this unfortunate disaster.


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